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100 Lockwood Ave. Yonkers,NY10701
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OMearicana Ink  is a Tattoo shop operated in a comfortable, professional and sterile atmosphere. 

At OMearicana Ink we strive to create one of a kind custom tattoos. We do all size and style of tattoos, Cover-Ups, Custom and Flash Designs. Whatever style you are looking for we at OMearicana Ink will be able to meet your needs. Must make appointment but walk ins are welcome.
 *Stop by our shop anytime and meet the Artists for a Free Consultation.*


Tattoos - Choose from various styles available in our library or fully customize your own with the help of our artists.
Custom Tattoos
Cover-up Tattoos
Black Light Tattoos
Black and Grey Tattoos
Color Tattoos
Black and Grey Portrait Tattoos
Color Portrait Tattoos
Sleeve Tattoos
Back Tattoos
Ear Piercings - Earlobes, Single or Double Pierced Stud, Single Captive Ring, Two Captive Rings, Outer Cartilage, Rook, Tragus, Conch - Inner Cartilage, Industrial
Facial Piercings - Eyebrow, Septum, Nostril
Oral Piercings - Monroe - Madonna, Crawford, Lip, Snakebite, Double Lip, Labret, Tongue
Torso Piercings - Madison, Navel, Nipple, Single Vertical or Horizontal
Surface Piercings - Single Point -Low Motion, Single Point - High Motion, Surface Barbell
Micro dermal Piercings - Choose from a variety of studs to be implanted to a variety of skin locations. Can be done in conjunction with a tattoo in order to add sparkle and dimension. 

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